Scrap Car Removal Toronto – What are the top car scrapping scams you must avoid?

car-scrapping-scams-in-toronto“Okay, my car is a scrap now, and I can’t wait for it to get scrapped, and get a new one.” The excitement that most car owners have when they are about to get rid of their old banger and purchase a new one. However, before you get your old car scrapped, there are certain things that you need to stay wary of.

These things are basically some scams that have been running in the car scrapping industry for a while. Most car owners in the excitement of purchasing a new drive buddy get their car scrapped without caring to know anything, and eventually get scammed. That is why our scrap car removal Toronto team has mentioned some of the common car scrapping scams in this blog.

Hence, if you are about to get your car scrapped, just read out this blog and avoid being the victim of these scams.

5 common car scrapping scams in Toronto

Our scrapyard Toronto team lists the most common car scrapping scams below. Check them out.

1) You won’t get any payment: What better for scammers than getting your scrap car without paying anything?

Well, technology is meant to make our lives easy, but scammers use it another way around. With this scam, the scammers would get your car scrapped, and promise you to pay online after car scrap removal.

However, when you would try to access the payment, you won’t be able to, because the payment is never done. You have been scammed and you have got your car scrapped for free.

To shield yourself from falling into this trap, just ask for the payment upfront. Get payment before you get your car scrapped. If you don’t and if you, unfortunately, get scammed, you would have only yourself to blame.

2) Getting less than what you deserve: Remember, scrap cars by no means imply getting less than what you should. Several scrap car companies offer price quotes that are completely unjustified.

They would interact with you, explain to you some of the most illogical reasons for their less & unjustified price quotes, make you believe that your car doesn’t deserve anything better than their price quotes, and get your car scrapped.

Here, you are being manipulated and offered extremely less value than you should. So, how do you prevent this from happening? By getting multiple price quotes from the company.

Get multiple price quotes from the car scrapping company, interact with them, get a detailed justification about their price quotes, and decide one which you feel is a fair and quite logical price quote.

Shielding yourself from this scam might take your time and effort, but investing in them is worth as it helps you to avoid going through the financial loss.

3) Changing price quotes at the last moment: Most car owners today prefer telephonic conversations to get the price quote from the car scrapping company. While it might be a time and energy-saving option, there is a catch.

What scammers do is lure you by offering high price quotes during your telephonic conversation. Of course, high price quotes would tempt you and you would be quick to book your appointment.

However, when the car scrapping team arrives, it would check your car, and then contradict the price quote you were offered initially. You would be offered quite low value than what you actually deserve.

They have got the amazing skills of convincing you of the reason for this contradiction, and most probably, you would fall into their trap. So, who’s at the loss here? You. You got much less than what you actually deserve.

Numerous car owners have been falling into the trap of this scam lately. The only way to avoid being a victim of this scam is don’t let them get your car scrapped if they contradict their price.

4) Using the scrapped car illegally: That paperwork before you get your car scrapped might sound a bit frustrating and redundant for you, but it’s necessary.

Some car scrapping companies use your scrapped car for illegal purposes. And as you haven’t completed your paperwork, it is you who would be in the legal trouble. Trust us, the trouble would be deep and severe.

So, don’t be lazy or impatient, and get all the paperwork done before you get your car scrapped. Not doing it is a mighty mistake, and numerous people have paid for it.

5) Hidden service quotes: With any profession, transparency is a must. Sadly, numerous car scrapping companies don’t take transparency seriously.

They just for the sake of their own profit don’t prefer to make you aware of their service charges at the initial level. These charges are disclosed only when you are about to get paid for your scrap car and they are usually quite high.

Ultimately, you won’t be able to do anything other than cursing the car scrapping company and promising yourself to never trust that company again. But, sadly, the damage is already done.

Hence, ensure that you read every point mentioned in their terms and conditions, get clarity about everything from the initial level itself, and if possible, take everything in writing.

Staying a bit alert by keeping the above car scrapping scams in your mind would keep you away from them. As mentioned, getting a car scrapped by no means implies getting less than what you deserve.

If you are looking to get your car scrapped, and looking for a reliable car scrapping company, our scrap cars Toronto team might be your answer. With us, you can stay assured of a completely fair and transparent car scrapping process.

Allow our team to visit you, go through your car, and explain the price quote. We won’t move a step further until you are entirely satisfied with what you are offered. To connect with our team, call us at the contact number 416-414-2977.

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