Some common car models found in the junkyard

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Junkyard is always a major help in terms of getting your car scrapped. However, it sometimes also gives that feeling of nostalgia. You often see the car models that were usually rocking the market for a specific timeframe.

So, what are the most common car models you will find in a junkyard? This blog lists and explains some of the most common car models found in the junkyard. Go through them.

Common car models you will find in the junkyard

Checkout some of the most common car models you will find in a junkyard below.

1) Ford Taurus: It was 34 years of production, after which Ford Taurus officially retired. This car had incredible potential and was the top choice of people for a long time. But, then, the transmission issues came into the picture, and it started getting outdated.

Hence, Ford Taurus is the first common car that you will find in the junkyard.

2) Lexus LS 400: This is another common car model that you will find in a junkyard. Lexus LS 400 has been quite a popular choice among people for a while too. LS400 was one of the most expensive and most popular car options. However, with the advancement in technology, and the new car models, Lexus LS 400 gradually got outdated.

3) Chrysler Cruiser: This car was doing really well during the decade 2000-2010. Most people were impressed with the features it came with. The sales were decent too. However, again, the rise in technology and advancements in several car models caused the downfall of this car.

Don’t be surprised if you find a couple of Chrysler Cruiser in the junkyard you visit. Yes, this car model did extremely well in terms of providing a pleasant drive, but today, it can be considered a bit outdated.

4) Buick Roadmaster Estate: This car was a timeless classic model, which was simply a perfect option for a family. It was quite expensive, heavy, and yet one of the most popular car options in the ‘40s. However, with the introduction of cost-effective and compact options, this car started losing its popularity.

Today, it is no more available in the market and is usually found in junkyards.

These are some of the most popular cars that were ruling the market for years, and sadly, are now no longer in demand or available. However, with the advancement in technology, it’s completely understandable that potential car owners are looking for something very advanced.

Hence, if you find any of these cars in the junkyard, allow your nostalgic emotions to come into the picture, but don’t get surprised at all.

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