How do I scrap my car during Lockdown in Toronto?

If you have a car that needs to be scraped, and if you are delaying it because of this pandemic, and lockdown, you need not worry at all. Cash for Scrap Car GTA comes with a reliable service to scrap cars in Toronto during these tough times.

Why would you delay scrapping your car when it’s junk and when this is the best time to scrap your car? Scrapping your car will save a lot of your parking charges, maintenance charges, insurance, etc.

Scrapping your car not only saves you a lot of expenses but also helps our environment. Thus, ensure that you don’t delay your car scrapping at all, especially when there are quality services available in Toronto.

Guide to scrap cars during Lockdown in Toronto?

We publish the guide to get cars scrapped during the lockdown in Toronto. Read it out.

1) Initiate the Scrapping Process with Getting an Online Quote: Use our Free Quote option to get a free estimated quote for your car. You will be asked to submit some basic information about yourself.

After filling out the form, leave us a message and incorporate information about your car. Do give us the information like the registration number, car model, etc.

Once you send us a message, we will analyze the same and our team will revert accordingly.

2) Give a Confirmation: If you are satisfied with the quotation we revert, give your confirmation to the same. Once you give us your confirmation, our team will visit your premises to answer your queries.

Also, they will just have a formal look at your car. Our team will be prompt to answer your every query.

Once you are satisfied, we will book the pickup of your car.

3) Car Pickup and Payment: After our team visits your premises and book a pickup, our team will call you and book the date which is convenient to you for scrapping your car.

Our team will visit your premises to scrap your car on the scheduled date and will pay out the cash.

They will load your car into the recovery truck and give you the bill. Also, some paperwork will be done to ensure no hassle in the near future for both of us.

Once we complete scrapping your car, you will receive cash on the spot. Thus, the entire process will be smooth and hassle-free for both, you, and us.

Precautionary Measures we take while Scraping Your Car

We all know how COVID-19 has changed the world. Lockdowns all over the world have impacted several businesses. But now, when things are steadily going back to normal, it’s necessary that we return to our business too, but with precautions.

So, what are the precautions we take while scrapping your car? We list our precautionary measures below. Check them out.

1) Virtual confirmation of your car’s pickup.

2) Following social distancing & sanitization when our team visits your home to answer your questions and see the car.

3) Following social distancing & sanitization norms when our pickup team visits your premises to scrap your car.

These measures will ensure a safe car scrapping process for both, you & us. We also hope that you will co-operate with our team in following the government norms and ensure a safe deal for everyone.

As mentioned, if you have a junk car, scrapping it is necessary, not only to save your expenses in various forms but also for our environment. And with the businesses improving gradually amid these tough times, now is the best time to get your car scrapped and get the best value.

If you are looking to get your car scrapped, and get the best value for the same, do reach out to our team and get a Free Quote. Our Scrapyard Toronto team will be quick to analyze your message and ensure that you get top cash for scrap cars in Toronto. To connect with our team, do call us at 416-414-2977 and get our services now.

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