What happens to a junk car after it gets scrapped?

As the scrapped car is all about metal crushing, several car owners often get confused about what happens to their car when it gets scrapped.

Several car owners think that the scrap car is all about metal crushing or recycling, but it is much more than it. Several car owners actually wonder what car scrapping all about is. This blog by our scrap car removal Brampton team answers a majority of their questions in this blog.

What parts of the car get recycled?

So, which parts of the car get recycled after it is scrapped? You must know that there are certain parts of the car that can be reused. We list & explain them below. Have a read.

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1) Spare parts of the car: The spare parts that are reusable are removed and recycled and reused wherever and however they can be.

Parts like car batteries, alternators, windows, etc. are examined and seen if these spare parts can be recycled. The parts which can be reused or recycled are removed and used according to the requirements.

2) Fluids in your car: After all the reusable spare parts of your car are removed, the fluids are drained off. It is examined if the fluids can be reused, and if they can be, it is removed by drilling holes.

Some fluids are used as it is, while some of them are mixed with other fluids and reused. The fluids are firstly cleaned so that purity prevails in the same.

3) Steel: Lastly, the steel is examined and checked if it can be used again. The reusable steel is processed and reused mostly to create new cars. Reusing steel actually does good to our planet in terms of reusing the resources and preserving them.

The end-process

After all the reusable materials are removed, it all comes on the final crushing of the scrapped car. In this phase, the car is destroyed entirely.

The car is broken into the rectangular heap and then it is sold. It is sold according to weight. It takes a day or two for the entire process to be completed on a scrap car. It includes everything; from recycling to selling the scrap metal of the car.

The pricing of the scrap car

You must know that the pricing of the scrap car varies for every car and depends on several factors. The price of the scrap value of the metal is one of the most important factors deciding the price of the scrap car.

We hope that you are now clear with the process your car goes through when it gets scrapped. Our scrap car removal Brampton team highly recommends that you do your own research before you get your car scrapped and ensure that every care about the environment is taken into consideration.

The car scrapping process begins with recognizing the reusable materials of the car and ends with selling the scrap metal of the car.

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